september in santorini

September: The Best Season to Visit Santorini’s Gems

September 13, 2022

σεπτέμβριος στη σαντορίνη

Travelers consider planning their trip in Greece around July – August, because of the weather and the high season vibes. But what if we told you that September is the best season to visit the Greek Islands? Santorini is a great destination for your September vacays and we can inform you why. There are some great places to visit, even in September! 

September in Santorini 

September in Santorini is considered as the best season to plan a trip, and here’s why. First of all, while everyone else is planning for the high season time, September is that time of season where the crowds are less, there are more quality spots for dinner and wine, plus the weather is still as good as the other summer months! Even if you are in Greece, where there are 4 seasons, on the other hand, Greek islands are still enjoying summer through October. It is really a 2 season situation! 

The only upsetting fact is the time change, so the sun sets a little earlier than other summer months. But that’s okay! You can enjoy your day and night with a different perspective. It is the perfect season to visit, especially in the case of looking to enjoy peaceful vacations. So, what are the best places to see in Santorini if this is the month of your arrival? 


Visit the Gems at your leisure

This season is the best time to have the adventure you wished for! A perfect preview of Santorini’s Gems is followed by the great views and clear roads, without the fuss and noise! Which are these Gems?


The Hidden Beaches

What if it’s September? The weather is still perfect for a visit at the beach! 2 of the best Beaches we suggest are the Red Beach and the Black Beach. The Red Beach, located in the Akrotiri area, is considered as the prettiest beach on the Island and one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece! It is a gem you need to explore, due to its geographical features and the red sand, plus it is close to the ancient site of Akrotiri! On the other hand, Black Beaches were formed due to the activity of the volcano and its substances, such as ash and lava. 

The most famous black beach are located in Kamari, Perivolos and Perissa. The shape of these beaches are a must to explore, and since they are the only Black beaches in the Aegean, you should definitely visit them! If you own a car, you can get there in 20-30 minutes. Santorini Wonders is a travel agency that can offer you a tour to these gems in Santorini! Take a private tour and visit Akrotiri and the Black Beach, within your own time and at your ease.

Oia: The gem to see a magical sunset

Top priority while having your trip in Santorini, is catching the sunset of Oia. Oia is a town in the northern east side of Santorini. It is known not only for its sunset view, but also for the white houses inside the clifftops and the caves, plus it has a spectacular view of the Caldera. 

The most common area of Oia is the Oia castle, a place where visitors can see the whole view and enjoy, with drinks and food! Take a look at our tour agency and find tours that take you to Oia. You can explore the town without messing up the local map, with the help of our tour guide! Even in September, the sun shines bright and the island is so worth it. 

The Wineries 

Last but not least, the wineries in Santorini are plentiful and it’s a great chance to visit, especially in September, at your own pace. The good thing is, wineries work full season, so you don’t have to worry about missing the wine tasting! One of the most famous wineries in Venetsanos Winery, which was built in 1947 and is indeed the first industrial winery on the island of Santorini! It is located on a cliff overlooking the Caldera, right above Athinios port. 

Santorini Wonders offers you the chance to take a wine tour, whilst exploring other gems of Santorini, such as Akrotiri, Oia, Imerovigli and the Lighthouse. Venetsanos family is a great winery we visit, and we suggest listening to its history. 

Explore Santorini in September with Santorini Wonders

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