reasons to come to santorini

7 Reasons You Should Visit Santorini

August 10, 2022

reasons to travel to santorini

If you’re planning your next trip to Greece, but can’t decide on the location, here are 7 reasons you should visit Santorini

In case you want to visit a Greek island, we recommend one of the most beautiful , if not the most beautiful of them, Santorini of course! The culture of people, the vibes, the island location, the food, are top reasons you should come to this island. But let’s get into the reasons why you should explore Santorini while on vacays.

Why should you come to Santorini island?

#1 The best sunsets you’ve seen are in Santorini

It is no joke that once you arrive in Greece, one thing you’ll notice is the crowd that forms on top of the island, and at the restaurants and bars to watch the sunset going down! It is considered a sacred thing and once the sun sets, people actually start clapping! The respect upon this particular act of nature is really outstanding in Santorini.

Combine the sunset views with unique wine tours, tailor made to your needs.

#2 The caldera views and cruises around the volcano area

Once you get to Santorini, the first attractions the locals suggest for a visit are the caldera beaches and the volcano of Thira. Calderas are hollow-like cauldrons that were created by the eruption of the volcano and furthermore, the collapse of magma and ground formation. 

These eruptions cause such beautiful beaches at Santorini Island and are welcome to visitors. Santorini Wonders can offer attraction tours to the caldera side of the island, but also a personalized day tour to watch the volcano, plus other landscapes you wish to explore and panoramic views!

#3 The perfect island with white houses and blue domed churches

This is more for the aesthetic people, but it is remarkable how well made churches and houses are color connected to the bone. The reason behind the white colored houses is a pandemic during the 40’s, cholera. The white color came from limestone, a disinfectant at the time, that helped disinfect the villages at the Island. 

Thira is the most common destination for the attraction of the white houses. In our tours you can get a whole experience of exploring Santorini.

#4 The landmarks

The volcano, the red beach, the akrotiri, the volcano hot springs, the ghost towns and the cliff top villages are some of the main destinations you should explore once you get to Santorini. Your stay here will be unforgettable!

#5 The food and wine

We all know that Greece is famous for the Mediterranean spirit and food, plus in Santorini there are great winemakers of white wine that unfortunately are underrated! If you decide to take a tour with Santorini wonders, we recommend you take the guided tour specifically for the history & wine of this magnificent island.

#6 Instagram photographs you won’t regret taking

We all love some good old insta pics during vacations. Well, you hit the jackpot, cause Santorini is one of the places you will take the greatest panoramic pictures of your life! The view and the astonishing white and blue tones set the perfect environment for instagram stories and photos. 

Plus, if you want a professional take, there are plenty of great photographers you can choose to snap your dream pic! At Santorini Wonders, we offer personalized private tours at attractions and sunset views for you to get an amazing shot for your photo gallery!

#7 Romance and adventure is a keyword for Santorini visitors

Although it is a great destination for big parties, it is considered one of the most romantic islands in Greece! The views, the destinations, the hotels, are basically attracting couples! 

You can take your special one to the island and explore Oia, visit the archeological sites and take a boat or a horse ride at the beaches, plus the great photos and memories you’ll create! Once you set your foot to Santorini, you will realize that it was the perfect choice for your vacations! 

At Santorini Wonders we offer you a great deal of packages from which you can select and private catamaran tour around the island. You can also explore the local food and wine, see the archeological sites and enjoy your stay! You can contact us via email or visit our website and fill out the contact form, and we will answer you as soon as possible!