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With no doubt, attraction tours in Santorini is a piece of cake for every traveler, since the island is an attraction itself. The island has many sights to visit and plenty of activities to do that can surely satisfy every need and interest.Some of the attractions can really leave you speechless, and will offer you special memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

Best of Attractions

#1 Volcano

The greatest attraction of Santorini is the volcano that shaped the whole island and gave it its unique character and its stunning natural beauty. At Santorini Wonders we have set up a personalized tour, where you can determine yourselves the tour-schedule that best suits your preferences: picturesque villages, outstanding views, culture, history, architecture, cuisine/wine tasting -wherever your interests may lie, there is a perfect route for you to explore.

#2 Santorini Churches

Santorini holds a wealth of churches and chapels according to the Cycladic architecture, beautiful whitewashed and blue-domed, in their majority, temples. Among them, the exemplary monastery of Prophet Elias close to Pyrgos village is truly worthy. 

#3 Museums 

In order to learn better the history of the island you should visit some of its various great museums and archaeological sites such as the five Venetian Castles, the Akrotiri Prehistoric town and much more.

#4 Beaches

All along the island there are many extraordinary beaches and diving spots where the rare landscapes and the crystal-clear waters will captivate you. Red beach and black beach are one of a kind!

#5 Wineries

Lastly, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the fantastic wineries to taste fine wine varieties, the traditional product of Santorini. All the above and much more promise an unforgettable vacation full of amazing experiences and striking images!

Explore the Attraction Tours organized by Santorini Wonders . Our goal is to provide a luxurious travel experience with guaranteed relaxation. Book your ticket and let us drive you around the stunning beauties of the island!

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  • Santorini Sightseeing Tour

    Discover the beautiful island of Santorini and see the top attractions with a local driver-guide in a luxurious 6-hour private tour.

  • santorini instagram photo tour
    Insta-worthy Vistas Tour

    Capture your visit in Santorini island with a private tour and photo shoot in the most famous insta-worthy vistas.

  • santorini shore excursion private tour
    Highlights Private Tour

    This 5-hour private tour offers you the chance to discover and admire the Highlights of Santorini island.

  • Santorini Personalized Tour

    We offer specially designed customized 6-hour tours that give you the opportunity to determine yourselves the tour-schedule that best suits your preferences.

  • santorini caldera private sightseeing tour excursion
    Unique Caldera Tour

    This 4-hour private tour gives you the chance to discover the tredding locations of Santorini’s Caldera.

  • santorini full-day tour with a local guide
    Santorini Full Day Experience

    We may present to you the volcanic island of Santorini in a full day private tour.

  • explore santorini hidden gems and taste the local wine
    Hidden Gems with Wine Tasting

    Discover Santorini secret spots in a private tour.

  • discover the south side of santorini
    Santorini South Side Adventure

    A specially designed private tour that offers you the chance to experience the southern part of Santorini in just 5 hours.

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