Visit Ammoudi

April 28, 2022

Ammoudi’s area consists of a small, charming harbor, which is likely the most picturesque site on the island. It is located on Santorini’s northwest shore, approximately 13 kilometers from Fira, at the base of the picturesque Oia village. The entire settlement is amazing in terms of architecture, natural beauty, and the lavish vista it provides. To get to Ammoudi, you can either use the downhill road that goes there or descend roughly 200 steps on foot or by riding a donkey, as is customary in Santorini.

The Ammoudi bay stretches beneath the spectacular caldera cliffs. Aside from the harbor with the fishing boats, there is a waterfront with traditional fish taverns where you can eat fresh fish and local dishes and have a fantastic time in this unforgettable location. However, just walking down this trail will capture you and provide you with unique moments and photos.

The majority of visitors come to Ammoudi to swim in the clear waters or to attempt daring dives from the cliffs. There are no amenities or a beach here, only crystal-clear waters and a breathtaking view of the Oia town, which stands on the top of the reddish cliffs and unfolds in front of you while you swim. A beautiful diving spot awaits at the end of the trail. There is also a diving center in the Ammoudi area.

Ammoudi is highly recommended for an unforgettable dining experience overlooking the sunset of Santorini and the crystalline waters of the Aegean sea. A warm and unpretentious place ideal for those who seek an authentic experience.

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