The Best Santorini Tours for Summer 2022

February 25, 2022

Must-Do Tours in Santorini island

Santorini is well-known for its stunning sunsets, white-and-blue vistas, and exquisite Greek cuisine.

But how can you ensure that your visit to Santorini is a memorable one?

  • Are you more interested in a wine tasting tour than a boat cruise?
  • Do you want to rest and take in the sights, or do you prefer to embrace your inner adventurer and participate in the sights?
  • We’ve compiled a list of the best Santorini private tours for 2022 to inspire and guide you, regardless of your personality!

10. Santorini South Side Adventure

A specially designed private day trip that offers you the chance to experience the southern part of Santorini in just 5 hours. Travel in luxury along with a local driver – guide and discover the extraordinary places that lie in this part of the island. This tour includes visits to distinctively picturesque villages, outstanding beaches, historic sites and monasteries. This is a customized 5-hour private tour that will stay in your memory forever!

9. Santorini Unique Caldera Tour

This private 4-hour tour gives you the chance to discover the tredding locations of Santorini’s Caldera. Visit famous and traditional villages, admire blue dome churches and whitewashed houses and be impressed by breathtaking panoramic views. Your driver – guide will entertain you with fun and stories about the place you see as you enjoy views.

8. Santorini through History & Wine


In this tour you have the chance to visit the Akrotiri Archaeological Site with an official licensed guide. He offers you the opportunity to discover one of the most significant prehistoric settlements of the Aegean sea, which is called the “Aegean Pompeii”.

We continue with visits and guidance by our sommelier to 3 wineries where we will find out everything about the history of Santorini wine and taste its fine and famous varieties. We will have the pleasure of enjoying the extraordinary sunset by drinking Vinsanto, the exquisite sweet wine of Santorini, in a unique location with fantastic views of the caldera. Moreover, we will visit the production facilities of the wineries thus a museum where you will get to know the history of wine production on the island.

  • Argyros Estate Winery
  • Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum
  • Venetsanos Winery

This tour will fill you with unique images, great tastes, historical knowledge and unforgettable experiences!

7. Horse Riding Tours

With expert coaching, learn to ride a horse and see Santorini from a whole new viewpoint, savoring breathtaking vistas of canyons and sand dunes from the top of your horse.

Ride your steed along the beach with the wind in your hair and the sea splashing underfoot before heading back to the stables.

6. Guided Tour: The Myth of Lost Atlantis

Visit Akrotiri, a well-preserved Bronze Age settlement on the island of Santorini. Listen to your official licensed guide explain how the inhabitants lived and point out the unique frescoes as you walk through the streets past 4,000-year-old buildings. Then explore the world’s first museum dedicated to the legend of Atlantis disappearance. With the help of innovative technologies, learn about Santorini Minoan history and its connections to Atlantis. Join in a brand-new museum culture experience.

5. Santorini Helicopter Tour

The 20-minute helicopter tour of your dreams will allow you to see Santorini from above.

Imagine flying over some of the world’s most iconic sunsets while the countryside around you is painted orange and pink. It’s feasible with a Santorini helicopter tour, which takes you over the island’s sights without forcing you to fight the crowds. Seeing Santorini from the air is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to peek into the depths of Caldera – the ancient volcano’s lake – and learn about its secrets. If you’re a returning visitor, this tour is a great chance to experience Santorini in a fresh light, or it’s a great way to learn more about the island and its archipelago.

4. Santorini Luxury Catamaran Tour

A boat trip of Santorini is one of the more unusual ways to enjoy the island’s scenery, weather, and experiences. Lunch, dinner, and beverages are served on board, making this a great date night option for your Santorini trip. Avoid the crowds and treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime Santorini Luxury Catamaran Tour.

3. Santorini Insta Tour

Capture your visit to Santorini with a private tour and photo shoot in Santorini. Stroll though the island’s picturesque villages while your guide – photographer snaps photos of you and your friends or family with a background of white-washed homes, blue roofs, and caldera breathtaking views.

2. Santorini Wine Experience

Grab the opportunity and learn about the famous wine culture of Santorini by tasting some of its finest wines on this luxurious tour. We give you the chance to visit 3 local wineries, taste 12 different varieties of wine and admire the adorable sunset of Santorini from a remarkable point.

1. Private Sightseeing Tour

Discover the beautiful island of Santorini and see the top attractions with a local driver-guide in a luxurious 6-hour private tour. Picturesque villages of characteristic Cycladic architecture, extraordinary views from vintage points, historical sites, endless seaside roads and adorable sandy beaches are awaiting to be explored and admired by you.

These top 10 trips for the finest Santorini experience include sailing out to sea, flying above the island, and strolling Santorini with a local guide.

We hope to see you soon!